I caught up with Phil Johnson, Partner Manager from Tanda about uni bars, punching time and workplace compliance.

Introduce yourself, your role and your company

Hi, I’m Phil Johnson and I work with Tanda re-sellers and partners as a Partner Manager. The role involves working with bookkeepers & accountants, and also closely with our integration partners.

Tanda is a multi award winning workforce management software that streamlines time and attendance, rostering, award interpretation, leave management, and payroll automation.

How did Tanda get started?

Tanda was started out of a frustration within a company driven by the clunky outdated systems that other vendors provide.

Our founding directors were managing an on campus services provider operating 7 businesses with around 100 casual staff. Payroll was an administrative nightmare and time consuming as a result of poor processes across the board.

When our founding directors went to market for a software solution they found outdated, clunky and expensive desktop software with high hardware costs.

TL;DR A simple idea born at a university bar that solves a massive pain point for businesses across the globe.

What are the benefits of Tanda to the customer?

Tanda empowers business owners and managers with data driven workforce insights that provide for cost optimised rosters, reduce time theft and non-attendance, and reduce both administrative and compliance burden.

Tanda has native integrations to point of sale systems, meaning rosters are built against demand data.  Very few businesses prepare rosters based on data, and we know that when businesses do it makes managers rethink how they roster staff.

How does your Tanda interact with the accounting system?

Tanda integrates to the payroll function of accounting systems. We export approved, award interpreted timesheets ready for a pay run to be processed. Tanda manages the creation of Pay Categories/Pay Items through our API in most integrations.

Tanda in most integrations manages the staff base pay on their pay template for Award updates and birth dates of junior staff as per the Award.

Tanda integrates to the leave balances in MYOB/Xero so that staff can read their leave balance when applying for leave.

Who should avoid Tanda?

Clients looking to use Time & Attendance systems as a method of complex job/task tracking.

For example putting timeclocks on factory machines to track staff movements and apply job costing. This isn’t the best case use of Tanda.

We can track expenses based on activities, for example breaking down costs in a restaurant by waiter, kitchen and bar, and track these expenses to accounting software.

The difference between Tanda and a specific job costing software is that Tanda has an award engine, so as people clock on and off this has impacts for the calculation of their payroll.

When businesses want to use a timeclock to track activities that don’t have an impact on payroll e.g. what machine staff are working on, this isn’t something that Tanda is best suited for.

How do customers get started with Tanda?

Our pricing includes access to an onboarding consultant who works one on one with the client until the first payroll export. Channel partners also have access to this service if they don’t wish to provide an onboarding service.

What is the most important thing Tanda does for a customer?

Tanda ensures that staff are paid correctly.

The worst consequence of not paying staff correctly is a breakdown of trust between employer and employee.  This includes potential future employees who might research their future employer.

We’ve seen a lot of big companies caught out for compliance issues damage their brand image in new headlines recently, and it seems to be an increasing trend.

What is the main environmental factor you see affecting your customers at the moment?

The implementation of Single Touch Payroll will give government agencies a greater ability to data match and investigate non-compliance.

Much of the current non-compliance is not malicious but simply misinterpretation of rules or administrative errors such as incorrect calculation of penalty rates.

Tanda helps business owners maintain compliance against the Award and fulfill their legislative requirement to keep appropriate records on file.

How do customers succeed with your addon?

Tanda users are empowered with powerful decision making tools that eliminate non productive hours when rostering, ensure a cost optimised roster and reduce time theft.

How do you ensure customer data is secure?

We engage in external security auditing. Our software is routinely tested for exploits by an auditor and automated tools analyse both our codebase and external libraries for exploit. In addition to that, we engage in engineering security audits.

All systems are actively monitored in-house for any potential threats.

What are the signs that a business should be considering a time and attendance solution?

  1. The business pays staff by the hour

  2. Management and staff feel they are always understaffed or overstaffed

  3. Following up leave, unavailability and timesheets is a nightmare

  4. The business has no existing KPI’s around wage cost or roster costs

  5. Payroll is full of errors and takes too long

What tool/tools do you use internally that you couldn’t live without?

Intercom, Webhooks, Zapier, Hipchat,

[Thanks Phil! Also – congrats for being our first app that provides SAML, a fantastic time saver for larger businesses and firms]

Phil Johnson

Partner Manager at Tanda
Call: 1300 859 117       

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