Budgeting & Forecasting


Do you know how your business is performing against expectations? Accountants will typically focus on what happened last month or quarter but the cloud and automation means it has never been easier to look ahead. FUTRLI is a sat-nav for businesses and advisors – it plugs into cloud accounting software so you can automate controlling cashflow or accelerating growth with forecasts, dashboards, KPIs, alerts and monitoring etc.

Additional notes:

Yes, we have end to end encryption, but data at rest is not encrypted. It is however stored within a firewalled VPC, and access requires ACL (see https://www.futrli.com/security/)

Retail, Hospitality, Franchises, Professional services, Accounting, Legal, Property & realty, Child care, Education, Tourism, Construction & trades, Automotive, Freight, transport & logistics, Manufacturing, Not for profit, Health, Agriculture, Wholesale
Xero, MYOB AccountRight (2011+), Quickbooks Online (Intuit), Sage One, Other
https://www.futrli.com/pricing/ or https://www.futrli.com/advisors/pricing/
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Brighton, UK
Australia, New Zealand, United States, China, European Union, India, Japan, South Africa, South America, South East Asia, United Kingdom
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Encrypted in transit (https)
Password is a minimum 8 characters, and a complex enough mix of characters/numbers/symbols. Passwords are hashed and salted on storage so they cannot be decrypted.