TSheets bought by Intuit… TSheets – An Open Letter From Matt Rissell [link]

Cin7 – Amazon Australia Launched at Last: Get In on It [link]

Want to help train a bot for getting practice info? Smarter Business Processes – Fuse Survey [link]

Feature Releases

  • Practice Ignition – Product Update for November 2017 [link]
  • Tanda – Daily timesheets: new look, improved functionality and more! [link]
  • Karbon – Karbon & TSheets integration [link]
  • Cin7 – Cin7 Updates its Google Drive Integration [link]

Deals, Freebies & Guides

  • WorkflowMax – 25% off for 3 months (Code: Xmaskarma) [link]
  • Receipt Bank – Receipt Bank’s 12 Days of Christmas (new customers only) [link]
  • Unleashed – Buyers guide to inventory management software [link]
  • Karbon – Karbon Practice Excellence Assessment (5min) [link]




  • From The Trenches – 39. Strategic Partnerships [link]
  • The Successful Bookkeeper – 65. Carrie Mulrooney – How To Create A Great Bookkeeping Work Culture [link]
  • Capital Pitch – Episode 1 Part 1 – The Real-Life Business Lessons Learned on the Way to CapitalPitch [link]
  • Future of Accounting / Danetha Doe – season now in hiatus…

Blog articles

  • FUTRLI – The UHY Annual Reporting Analysis 2017 [link]
  • Tanda – Productive Workforces Build Profitable Restaurants [link]
  • Spotlight Reporting – Top 12 Spotlight Reporting features & benefits [link]
  • Receipt Bank
    • Receipt Bank’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017 [link]
    • Next Year We’ll Do It All Again, Only Better: 2017 In Review [link]
  • Vend – 3 Clever Inventory Tips That Helped This Retailer Achieve 30% Year over Year Growth [link]
  • Cin7
    • How Cin7 Primes Your Pipeline with Salesforce Integration [link]
    • How POS Fits In With Emerging Fashion Retail [link]
    • How 3PLs Ease Returns for eCommerce [link]
  • Fishbowl Inventory – General Module Group [link]
  • Proposify – Metrics that Matter: 7 KPIs to Keep Your Agency Profitable [link]
  • Shopify
    • GDPR: What You (And Your Store) Need to Know About This New Law [link]
    • Get Your Store Ready for the Holidays: 40+ Apps, Ideas, and Examples [link]
    • Why You Should Consider Hosting a Holiday Pop-Up Shop [link]
    • 5 Online Logo Makers & Generators to Design Your Brand [link]
  • TradeGecko
    • Different types of payment gateways: A comparative guide [link]
    • Watch how TradeGecko supports Incausa with their mission to empower indigenous communities [link]
  • WorkflowMax – 10 Business Automation Tips For a Worry-Free Holiday [link]
  • Zapier
    • How to Quickly Learn Essential Keyboard Shortcuts in Any Program [link]
    • The Remote Workers’ Toolkit: 30+ Productivity Apps and Tools to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder [link]
  • BigCommerce – Cyber Week 2017: Black Friday Statistics, Cyber Monday Trends & More [link]
  • Sharesight – Benchmarking your portfolio against ETFs [link]
  • CustomD – ​6 Tips to Make Your Online Forms Sparkle [link]
  • Xpenditure
    • Today’s and Tomorrow’s Most Innovative Business Cities [link]
    • 4 Ways for CFOs to Innovate in 2018 [link]
    • How to Successfully Roll Out an Expense Management Platform [link]
  • DataDear – Why do you need an Accountant? [link]
  • SuiteFiles – Get Things Done: 8 terrific uses for OneNote at work [link]

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