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FUTRLI – CPD accredited online training programme designed to take accountants and advisors through a complete advisory journey with rich, dynamic content. 26 modules cover everything from pricing advisory services, to introducing forecasting to clients and all of the functionality within FUTRLI. [Read more] [Webinar]

Feature Releases

  • Practice Ignition – Product Update for October 2017 [link]
  • Re-Leased – Re-Leased and Fixflo join forces with fully integrated collaboration [link]
  • Sharesight – Import your Questrade trades into Sharesight | Sharesight [link]
  • Shopify – ICYMI: Highlights from NYC and LA, New Sales Channel, a BFCM Update [link]
  • Zapier – Announcing Shared Folders: Turning Automation into a Team Sport [link]



Case studies

  • StarShipIT – Spotlight on Hi Smile – find out how two entrepreneurs built a $20m dollar business in just 18 months [link]
  • Re-Leased – CPP Client Story [link]

Freebies – Guides, eBooks, Templates

  • TradeGecko – Sales Forecast Template [link]
  • Workato – The Ultimate Guide To Optimizing Your NPS [link]
  • BigCommerce – Cross Border Ecommerce: The International Expansion Playbook [link]
  • HubDoc – Fall 2017 Guide to Accounting Conferences [link]
  • Spotlight Reporting – Fast Track Advisory Start-ups: Maisey Harris and Co on Vimeo [link]


  • From the Trenches – The Good & Bad of Conference Content [link]
  • Proposify – A Marketing Pro’s Secret to Long-term Business Success [link]
  • CommonSku – Episode 44: Brandon Mackay with Snugz – The Long Road and Rocket-Rise of a Top 40 Supplier [link]

Blog articles

    • 6 Excel Spreadsheet Cash Flow Nightmares To Avoid [link]
    • Creating a 3 Way Forecast with FUTRLI & Xero or QBO [link]
    • 5 Reasons Why A Cloud-Based Inventory Management System Is Awesome When You Sell Online [link]
    • The Very Best Business Reporting Tools in 2017 [link]
  • Karbon – 10 must-attend breakout sessions at #QBConnect 2017 [link]
  • Hubdoc – Monsters that Haunt a Cloud Accountant’s Nightmares [link]
  • Capital Pitch – 5 Things Your New Online Business Must Do to Reach its Target Market [link]
  • Receipt Bank – How Your Firm Can Stand Out From The Rest [link]
  • Vend – 9 Action Steps That Helped This Retailer Grow 250% in Three Years [link]
  • Chaser
    • The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Invoices #6 (Part 2) [link]
    • The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Invoices #7 [link]
  • Cin7
    • Are You Geared Up for an Omnichannel Christmas? [link]
    • How Fashion’s Future is Fused with Technology [link]
    • 3 Ways to Improve eCommerce Fulfillment [link]
    • Amazon Key and the Acceleration of Change [link]
  • Fishbowl Inventory
    • The Grim Repair [link]
    • An Overview of Fishbowl Sales Orders [link]
    • Safety and Signage: How to Run Your Factory Without a Hitch [link]
  • Proposify
    • Scariest Advice From the Sales Crypt [link]
  • Shopify
    • Selling on Marketplaces With Shopify: How to Choose Where to List Your [link]
    • 8 Post-Sale Emails To Turn New Buyers Into Lifelong Fans [link]
    • The Beginner’s Guide to Analyzing Shopify Reports and Analytics [link]
    • Get Inspired: 8 Great Small Business Stories from Shopify Workroom [link]
    • Email Optimization: How to Send Emails That Convert [link]
  • TradeGecko
    • Growth hack your business with sales and inventory forecasting [link]
    • What happens when businesses fail to anticipate demand and forecast sales [link]
  • BigCommerce – Ecommerce Business Ideas: Finding Online Store Opportunities [2017] [link]
  • Sharesight
    • 2017 stock picking competition – October update [link]
    • 20 October trading snapshot | Sharesight [link]
  • CustomD
    • Online Forms – A business game changer? [link]
    • Love your online form – 2. affordance is everything [link]
  • Workato
    • Nonprofit Digital Transformation for Even the Leanest NPO [link]
    • How Salesforce Ohana Became One of the Strongest Case Studies for Effective Community Building [link]
  • StarShipIT
    • Use your shipping notification emails to upsell and increase sales over the busy season [link]
    • Top tips & tricks from Shopify Meetups to get you ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday season [link]
  • WorkflowMax – How To Implement Time Tracking At Your Construction Firm [link]
  • Zapier
    • The 17 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps [link]
    • How to Make Any Printer a Smart Wi-Fi Printer [link]
    • This Is What a Remote Office Looks Like: Home Office and Workspace Photos [link]

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