FEATURED – The talent challenge: insights from Karbon’s 2017 talent survey 
Karbon Says: Karbon’s 2017 talent survey called on accountants from around the world to share the challenges and gaps their firm face acquiring, training and retaining their staff.

Addon Advantage Says: If you do nothing else this week; get your HR hat on and grab the talent survey then pair it with the 30 interview question blog from Karbon below.

Feature Releases

  • Karbon – Work types, Files on contacts, To-do filtering, private contacts, Karbon Insights hits beta, new triage notifications, recently viewed list, email signature visibility, email compose performance [link]
  • Tanda – Build a Great Roster with Tanda’s Weekly Planner [link]
  • Cin7 – How We Just Made it Easier to Handle Deposits [link]
  • Cin7 – Automation, Live Integrations, Fixes and More [link]



Case studies

  • FUTRLI – ‘A day in the life’ of…Crowd2Fund CEO, Chris Hancock [link]

Guides & eBooks

  • Cin7 – Accounting made easy with Xero & Cin7 [link]
  • Waddle – 4 Key Steps to Reducing Business Debts & Retaining Your Profits [link]
  • TradeGecko – Inventory Management eBook: Batch & Expiry [link]
  • ReceiptBank – Stop the clock, start adding value [link]

New from Addon Advantage

Massive catch up week with 5 new listings in the addon directory;

Blog articles

  • Karbon – 30 interview questions to help you identify the best candidate [link]
  • HubDoc – How to Go Paperless in Four Steps [link]
  • Tanda
    • What actually happens at a Tanda Hackathon? [link]
    • Desktop-Based or Cloud-Based Payroll Software? [link]
    • What You Need to Look for in Payroll Software [link]
    • How to Effectively Use a Cash Flow Forecast [link]
    • Why Every Business Needs Long-Term Cash Flow Forecasting [link]
    • How to Choose the Right Business Loan [link]
    • How to Raise Efficiency in Your Firm with Dashboard Alerts [link]
  • TSheets
    • The Results Are In: How Employees Feel About GPS Tracking in the Workplace [link]
    • Open for Business on a Public Holiday? [link]
    • Our Three Key Takeaways From Xerocon Melbourne 2017 [link]
  • Zapier
    • Stay Calm: How to Become More Emotionally Resilient [link]
    • 7 Science-Backed Ways to Take Better Breaks [link]
  • Chaser
    • What I Learned About Credit Control From: How To Win Friends & Influence People (Part 2) [link]
    • Sir Chasealot: A New Chapter [link]
  • Shopify
    • How to Get Your Small Business Finances in Order Ahead of Black Friday Cyber Monday [link]
    • The Ultimate Guide to Shipping For Black Friday Cyber Monday [link]
    • The Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing During Black Friday Cyber Monday [link]
    • Fear and Entrepreneurship: The Psychology of What Scares Us [link]
  • TradeGecko
    • 4 benefits of using Fulfillment by Amazon [link]
    • 3 key strategies to optimize your eCommerce store for mobile [link]
  • Receipt Bank
    • Bookkeeping 2017: The Key Metric Secretly Holding You Back [link]
    • Receipt Bank And Xero Help To Uncover $200,000 Fraud Case [link]
  • Cin7
    • Does Fast Fashion Always Work Wonders? [link]
    • Are You Prepared for a Big Holiday Season? [link]
    • The 3 Musts of the Modern B2B Business [link]
  • BigCommerce – How I Migrated 11 Sites from Magento to BigCommerce, Saved $1,000,000 and Increased Conversions 312% – All in 90 Days [link]
  • OFX – Market news [link]
  • Sharesight – 4 ways Sharesight is better than Google Finance [link]
  • Vend – Retail Analytics: How to Use Data to Win More Sales and Customers [link]
  • Proposify – How to Close More Deals With Open-Ended Sales Questions [link]
  • Freshdesk – Staying motivated in customer service [link]

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