HAVE YOU READ – Karbon – The talent playbook [link]

HubDoc – Apply to Be a Hubdoc Top 50 Cloud Accountant of 2017 [link]

Feature Releases

  • Shopify – Shopify Mobile Updates: Discounts, Product Collections, Live View, and [link]
  • Karbon – Release notes — November 19, 2017[link]
  • DataDear – Product releases: November 2017 – DDv2 – DataDear Excel Add In for Xero [link]
  • Kounta – 23 Nov update [link]




  • From The Trenches – 36. The future of Bookkeeping w/ Lielette Calleja [link]
  • Future of Accounting – Why the university system is failing accounting students – Danetha Doe [link]
  • CommonSku – Episode 47: Creating Maximum Financial Value in Your Business with Jamie Watson (a skucamp Presentation) – commonsku blog [link]

Blog articles

  • TradiePad + Xero – Protect your construction business against invoice scams [link]
  • Karbon – My three big takeaways from QuickBooks Connect 2017 [link]
  • Hubdoc – The Importance of Client Appreciation (and 8 Ways to Say “Thank You”) [link]
  • Capital Pitch
    • Episode 1 Part 2 – Fixing the Disconnect between Investors and Founders Would Be a Boon for Society as a Whole [link]
    • Paid, Owned and Earned Content Marketing (in 3 minutes or less!) [link]
  • Receipt Bank
    • Receipt Bank Named UK’s 7th Fastest-Growing Tech Company in Deloitte Fast 50 [link]
    • If You Missed QuickBooks Connect San Jose, Here Are The Four Key Takeaways [link]
  • Vend – 5 Types of Sales Promotions in Retail (and How to Implement Them) [link]
  • Cin7
    • A Magento Integration to Master eCommerce [link]
    • Why eCommerce Needs Better Tools to Grow [link]
    • How the Right POS Brings Channels Together [link]
    • How Cin7 Was Built to Make Modern Retail Hum [link]
    • How Cin7 Covers All Your Wholesale Channels [link]
  • Fishbowl Inventory
    • Manual vs. Automatic Part Cost Calculations [link]
    • Every Fishbowl Blog Series [link]
    • A New Breed of Business Automation [link]
    • Boxstorm Brings Inventory Management to the Cloud [link]
  • Shopify
    • How to Improve Your Facebook Advertising Funnel with Sequential Retarg [link]
    • How to Use Gift Guides to Boost Your Holiday Sales [link]
    • How to DIY a Visual Brand For Every Platform, Without Using Photoshop [link]
    • 19 Growth & CRO Experts on Increasing Conversions and Revenue [link]
  • TradeGecko – 9 Key signs that it’s time to move to a robust inventory management system [link]
  • WorkflowMax – How To Keep Your Data Safe When Working Remotely [link]
  • Zapier
    • Growth Hacking Your Job Search: 5 Steps to Get Hired by the Company You Want [link]
    • The 25+ Best Gmail Add-ons, Labs, and Apps [link]
  • BigCommerce – Top 13 Explainer Video Examples to Drive Sales (Updated for 2017) [link]
  • Workato
    • Dreaming Big with Salesforce: 5 Ways to Extend the Power of Your CRM – The Connector by Workato [link]
    • The Connector powered by Workato [link]
  • Sharesight
    • Easily import your Yahoo Finance portfolio into Sharesight [link]
    • 7 essential tips for investing in IPOs [link]
    • How do you get started in the share market? Education! [link]
  • Veeqo – 7 Inventory Management Mistakes You’re Making (And How To Fix Them) [link]
  • CommonSku – 7 Steps to Helping Your Team Hit Their 2018 Sales Goals [link]


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