Feature Releases

  • Arlo – Stripe payments addition [link]
  • Squirrel St – Want to participate in their new UI beta? [email]


Case studies

  • Cin7 – Sika Design – [link]
  • Moula – Small Business Spotlight: Martinez Art Dealer [link]


  • Cin7 – What is supply chain management? [link]   
  • Moula – A Small Business Guide to Holiday Season Inventory Management [link]

Blog articles

  • Tanda – 3 Reasons to Get Your Roster Right [link]
  • Spotlight Reporting – South Africa Calling [link]
  • Sharesight – Q&A with Sharesight co-founder and CTO Scott Ryburn on 10 years of Sharesight [link]
  • TSheets – The Best Construction Apps for 2017 [link]
  • Chaser – What I Learned About Credit Control From: How To Win Friends & Influence People (Part 1) [link]
  • OFX – Weekly results [link]
  • Zapier – Kanban Everything: How to Add Trello-Like Boards to Gmail, Evernote, and More [link]
  • Vend – Is Ecommerce Really Killing Brick and Mortar Retail? (a Q&A with Neil Saunders) [link]
  • FUTRLI – The 10 Most Common Business Startup Questions [link]
  • FUTRLI – 5 Things Every Good Business Plan MUST Have [link]
  • FUTRLI – Top 7 Productivity Tools for Accountants [link]
  • FUTRLI – 4 Cash Flow Errors to Avoid at All Costs [link]
  • FUTRLI – 4 Ways to Nail Advisory [link]
  • FUTRLI – 5 Tools to Track KPIs for Your Business [link]
  • FUTRLI – How to Pitch Advisory Services to Your Clients [link]
  • Workato – Can Strong Support Shape An Amazing Digital Customer Journey? [link]
  • Workato – How We Created a Deal Desk in Slack to Give Sales More Time to Sell [link]
  • Workato – Are Chat Apps Like Slack the Future of Work? Absolutely. [link]
  • Cin7 – The Tech in the Brick-and-Mortar Experiment [link]
  • Cin7 – What Will Your Smarter Supply Chain Look Like? [link]
  • Cin7 – Are You Ready to Handle eCommerce Returns? [link]
  • Cin7 – The Trial and Error of Innovative Retail [link]
  • Cin7 – Which Kind of Online Marketplace Will You Add? [link]
  • Receipt Bank – Effortless, Enhanced: Receipt Bank Joins Xero HQ As Integration Launch Partner [link]
  • Receipt Bank – Accountex USA Wrap-Up: The Four Steps To Thriving In A Culture Of Innovation [link]
  • Moula – Understanding Online Data Security [link]
  • Moula – What is a Cashless Society? [link]
  • BigCommerce – 43 BigCommerce Secrets the Fastest Growing Brands Use Right Now (Hint: You Can, Too) [link]
  • BigCommerce – The Complete Omni-Channel Retail Report: What Brands Need to Know About Modern Consumer Shopping Habits in 2017 [link]
  • Shopify – How to Build a Personal Brand that Stands Out (Without Selling Out) [link]
  • Shopify – Are You Ready for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2017? We’re Here to Help [link]
  • Shopify – 5 Awesome Black Friday Cyber Monday Social Media Campaigns You Can Steal [link]
  • Shopify – The 26-Point Checklist to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday Cyber Monday [link]

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