Feature Releases

  • simPRO – Quote to Job in one visit with Connect’s latest update [link]
  • Shopify – New Features, New Categories: Selling on Amazon with Shopify Just Got Easier [link]
  • Cin7 – Upgrades and Fixes to Cin7 for August [link], Specific tweaks and changes list [link]
  • Unleashed – Shopify multi-store integration [link]
  • simPRO – Build personalised emails while saving time [link]

New from Addon Advantage

  • FUTRLI INTERVIEW – Amy Harris, Co-Founder and CMO of FUTRLI, about making the uncertain, certain [link]


  • Spotlight Reporting & Bizink – Picking low hanging fruit – How to Upsell Advisory Services to your existing clients:  Tuesday 5th September, AEST: 9am | NZ: 11 am, Monday 4th September, PDT: 4pm | EDT: 7pm [link]

Case studies

  • FUTRLI – ‘A Day in the Life’ of…Coconut Bowls Founder, Jake McKeon [link]
  • simPRO – 3 examples of how forward thinking business owners eliminated manual data entry [link]
  • ReceiptBank – LIVECA: Value pricing in a virtual firm [video and text link]


  • MyWorkpapers – MyWorkpapers Year-end Generic Pack released – Free until end Oct [link]

Blog articles

  • HubDoc – 8 Tips to Successfully Market Your Accounting Firm [link]
  • Tanda – Texas Employee Caught Faking Clock Ins from Breaks [link]
  • Cin7 – Who Will Be the Brick-and-Mortar Survivors? [link]
  • Chaser – The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Invoices #1: Be Proactive [link]
  • Karbon – The future of managing your accounting practice [link]
  • TSheets – Think You’re A Fair Work Record-Keeping Whiz? [link]
  • simPRO – Bank on a better cash flow [link]
  • Vend – 5 Inventory Metrics You Should Track (and How to Do It) [link]
  • Cin7 – Why Businesses Battle for Perfect Fulfillment [link]
  • Shopify – 34 Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs (by Experts) [link]
  • simPRO – How to build a tech ‘ecosystem’ for your business [link]
  • BigCommerce – The Complete Guide to Selling on eBay & Scaling to $1,200+ in Monthly Sales with No Current Inventory [link]
  • Shopify – How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis (With 6+ Examples) [link]
  • BigCommerce – 9 Influencer Marketing Examples & 14 GSD Tactics to Boost Conversion [link]

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