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Addon Advantage ChangeLog w/e 27 October 2017

DON’T MISS THIS MORNING! Karbon update webinar – October recap Friday, Oct 27 – 8:30am, AEDT [link]

FUTRLI – CPD accredited online training programme designed to take accountants and advisors through a complete advisory journey with rich, dynamic content. 26 modules cover everything from pricing advisory services, to introducing forecasting to clients and all of the functionality within FUTRLI. [Read more] [Webinar]

Feature Releases

  • Receipt Bank – New Feature: Automatic Tracking For Clients’ Outstanding Paperwork [link]
  • Karbon – Release notes — October 22, 2017 – Karbon [link]
  • Cin7 – Upgrades, Fixes and Automation Examples [link]



Case studies

  • Cin7 – Love, Sun and New Horizon Wines [link]

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  • Shopify – Mega Black Friday Cyber Monday Toolkit [link]


  • From the Trenches – 3 major Tech Trends, 2 You Didn’t See Coming [link]
  • Proposify – Winning Proposal Design and Layout Tips (With Examples from Real Proposify Customers) [link]
  • Accountants Daily – The future of financing for Aussie accountants [link]

Blog articles

  • Karbon
    • 5 innovative examples of recruiting in accounting [link]
    • Post-tax season insights (and what you can do about them) » Karbon practice management — Karbon [link]
    • Managing a remote team with Karbon — Karbon [link]
  • Tanda – Improve Employee Attendance with a Rewards Program [link]
  • FUTRLI – Creating a Beautiful Financial Report for Your Business [link]
  • Practice Ignition
    • Not Just Your Average Billing System [link]
    • 26 starters for BOLD client conversations [link]
    • Behind the scenes with Blake Oliver, Cloud Accounting Weekly – Part 1 [link]
    • Write for us! [link]
  • Cin7
    • Is Newegg Business Your B2B Marketplace? [link]
    • Your Supply Chain Counts, No Matter Your Size [link]
  • Chaser – Chaser is the AccountingWEB Cloud App of the Year! [link]
  • Vend – Want to Improve Your Profit Margins? Here are 6 Tips to Try [link]
  • Receipt Bank – Receipt Bank named Best Expense Management Tool at Practice Excellence Awards [link]
  • Veeqo – Inventory Management – A Complete Guide For Retailers | Veeqo [link]
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    • Launching the Yoco Point of Sale at the new home for entrepreneurs [link]
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Addon Advantage ChangeLog w/e 20 October 2017

FUTRLI – CPD accredited online training programme designed to take accountants and advisors through a complete advisory journey with rich, dynamic content. 26 modules cover everything from pricing advisory services, to introducing forecasting to clients and all of the functionality within FUTRLI. [Read more] [Webinar]

Feature Releases

  • ReceiptBank – ​What’s new in Receipt Bank: September 2017 [link]
  • ReportAmigo – Mid-October Update [link]
  • Arlo – Product Updates [link]
  • Accelo – Product Update: October 10 – 16 [link]
  • Unleashed Software – Quantity Discounts [link]



Case studies

  • Moula – Small Business Spotlight: Junie Moon’s [link]

Freebies – Guides, eBooks, Templates

  • HubSpot – Integration Kick Off Webinar [VIDEO]
  • Spotlight Reporting – Fast Track Advisory Start-ups: Maisey Harris and Co on Vimeo [link]
  • Shopify – Mega Black Friday Cyber Monday Toolkit [link]


  • From the Trenches – The how and why of taking time off [link]
  • Proposify – Stop Dumping Your Data and Start Using it to Grow [link]
  • Accountants Daily – The future of financing for Aussie accountants [link]

Blog articles

  • Karbon
    • Developing an EVP to attract & retain talent [link]
    • Post-tax season insights (and what you can do about them) [link]
    • Teamwork with gusto [link]
    • Providing full visibility throughout your firm [link]
    • Building a 12 Month Budget Plan with FUTRLI [link]
    • The Ultimate FAQ for Business Scenario Planning [link]
  • Tanda
    • Why Employees Love Tanda Workforce Success Software [link]
    • Top 3 Leave Management Problems of Businesses [link]
  • Practice Ignition
    • How Accountants And Bookkeepers Can Change The World For Good [link]
    • Accounting Industry Trends & Firm Opportunities – Coming To An Australian City Near You [link]
    • The 4-Step Plan to Becoming a Better Salesperson [link]
  • ReceiptBank
    • Bookkeeping 2017: Why Client Experience is the only way to stand out [link]
    • Four reasons bookkeepers are more important than ever in 2017 [link]
  • TSheets – Mastering Your Time in the Building Industry [link]
  • Arlo – The Evolution of the Buying Process [link]
  • HubDoc – Bookkeeping Workflows: How to Identify Inefficiencies (and Fix Them with Technology) [link]
  • CapitalPitch – Online or Offline: What are the Benefits of a Physical Office Space? [link]
  • Vend – Retail Merchandising: How Do You Sell Slow-Moving Stock? (A Chat with Christine Guillot) [link]
  • Chaser – The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Invoices #6 (Part 1) [link]
  • Moula
    • How to Handle Negative Reviews [link]
    • What is the New Payments Platform? [link]
  • Cin7
    • Why B2Bs Make B2B eCommerce a Priority [link]
    • A Top Cloud Inventory Choice for Decision Makers [link]
    • How Innovation Makes eCommerce Pay Off [link]
    • 3 Reasons to Seize the Amazon Opportunity [link]
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    • Key Tips to Keep Your Accounts Organized and Up to Date [link]
    • Manual vs. Automatic E-commerce [link]
    • Into Great Software? We’ve Got Good News [link]
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    • Feeling Lonely? 5 Ways to Cure the Entrepreneurship Blues [link]
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    • Inventory Management Glossary [link]
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Addon Advantage ChangeLog w/e 13 October 2017

FUTRLI – CPD accredited online training programme designed to take accountants and advisors through a complete advisory journey with rich, dynamic content. 26 modules cover everything from pricing advisory services, to introducing forecasting to clients and all of the functionality within FUTRLI. [Read more] [Webinar]

Feature Releases

  • Accelo
    • Accelo’s New Schedule Dashboard [link]
    • New CSV Feature: Import Clients and Contacts with Ease [link]
  • Sharesight
    • Sharesight connects to amscot Stockbroking and State One [link]
    • Import your Google Finance portfolio into Sharesight [link]
  • Fishbowl
    • Process Credit Card Payments – Stripe/Authorize.Net [link]
    • Fishbowl 2017.9 released [link]
  • Shopify – Introducing Google Autocomplete for Shopify: Less Friction at Checkout, More Sales [link]



Case studies

  • Practice Ignition – Officeheads [link]

Freebies – Guides, eBooks, Templates

  • Proposify – Sign, Seal, and Deliver More with 6 New Business Proposal Templates! [link]
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  • TradeGecko – Seasonal Sales Checklist – 10 Steps to prepare your business for seasonal sales periods [link]


  • Proposify Bizchat – How Less Funding Can be Your Competitive Edge [link]

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    • The Business Guide to Picking Accounting Tools for SMEs [link]
    • Essential Business Tools Every Startup Needs for Success [link]
    • How to Increase Free Business Cash Flow with FUTRLI [link]
    • How to Create an Accurate Business Financial Forecast [link]
  • Practice Ignition – The Xerocon Wrap Up for 2017 [link]
  • TSheets
    • It’s National Safe Work Month! [link]
    • October Is Mental Health Month: Promote and Support Mental Wellness at Work [link]
  • Karbon – How to manage a remote team of accountants [link]
  • Vend – 15 Types of Posts That Do Extremely Well on Instagram [link]
  • ReceiptBank
    • Xerocon 2017 Wrap Up: In the Age of Automation, Be More Human [link]
    • Effortless excellence: Receipt Bank partners nominated in every category of the Practice Excellence awards [link]
  • Cin7
    • 3 Takeaways From Amazon Australia Breakfast [link]
    • How Retail Leaders Please Their Customers [link]
    • Will a Google Alliance Challenge Amazon? [link]
    • Another POS Option for Australian Retailers [link]
    • The Continuing Fusion of Bricks and Clicks [link]
  • Workflow Max – How to make your business as safe as possible online [link]
  • Chaser – The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Invoices #5: Know Where You Need To Go [link]
  • CapitalPitch – 7 Time Management Hacks for Entrepreneurs [link]
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    • Shopping on Instagram Now Available: 1,416% Traffic Growth, 20% Revenue Growth + 80 Examples to Get You Started [link]
    • How 2 Brands Navigate the Chaotic Chat Channels of Modern Ecommerce Customer Service [link]
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    • Squad Goals: Four Collaboration Ideas to Boost Your Small Business’ Sales [link]
    • Emotional Persuasion 101: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Use It [link]
    • Out-Innovating Billion Dollar Companies on a Shoestring Budget [link]
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Addon Advantage ChangeLog w/e 6 October 2017

Addon Advantage Says: Support the Tiller Kickstarter – time tracking made physical. 2 wks left!

Feature Releases

  • Practice Ignition – Product Update for September 2017: Xero HQ launch! [link]
  • Practice Ignition – Product update for August 2017 – Re-scheduling rejected payments [link]
  • Shopify – ICYMI: Domain Improvements, More Reports, and a BFCM Update [link]



New from Addon Advantage

Case studies

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  • Workato – How Eustace Consulting Replaced Salesforce Chatter with Workbot for Slack for Personalized Notifications [link]

Guides & eBooks

  • Zapier – The Zapier Formatter Guide: How to Automatically Format Text the Way You Want [link]


  • Proposify Bizchat – An Investment Banker’s Guide to Evaluating and Selling Your Business [link]

Blog articles

  • Vend – How to Sell More Gift Cards in Your Retail Store: 6 Proven Ways [link]
  • TSheets – The Best Time Management Apps for 2017 [link]
  • Karbon – Defining your accounting firm’s culture [link]
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  • Practice Ignition – September was THE month for Practice Ignition: Awards, Wins, Product Updates & More [link]
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    • The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Invoices #4: Be All Present And Correct [link]
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I caught up with Phil Johnson, Partner Manager from Tanda about uni bars, punching time and workplace compliance.

Introduce yourself, your role and your company

Hi, I’m Phil Johnson and I work with Tanda re-sellers and partners as a Partner Manager. The role involves working with bookkeepers & accountants, and also closely with our integration partners.

Tanda is a multi award winning workforce management software that streamlines time and attendance, rostering, award interpretation, leave management, and payroll automation.

How did Tanda get started?

Tanda was started out of a frustration within a company driven by the clunky outdated systems that other vendors provide.

Our founding directors were managing an on campus services provider operating 7 businesses with around 100 casual staff. Payroll was an administrative nightmare and time consuming as a result of poor processes across the board.

When our founding directors went to market for a software solution they found outdated, clunky and expensive desktop software with high hardware costs.

TL;DR A simple idea born at a university bar that solves a massive pain point for businesses across the globe.

What are the benefits of Tanda to the customer?

Tanda empowers business owners and managers with data driven workforce insights that provide for cost optimised rosters, reduce time theft and non-attendance, and reduce both administrative and compliance burden.

Tanda has native integrations to point of sale systems, meaning rosters are built against demand data.  Very few businesses prepare rosters based on data, and we know that when businesses do it makes managers rethink how they roster staff.

How does your Tanda interact with the accounting system?

Tanda integrates to the payroll function of accounting systems. We export approved, award interpreted timesheets ready for a pay run to be processed. Tanda manages the creation of Pay Categories/Pay Items through our API in most integrations.

Tanda in most integrations manages the staff base pay on their pay template for Award updates and birth dates of junior staff as per the Award.

Tanda integrates to the leave balances in MYOB/Xero so that staff can read their leave balance when applying for leave.

Who should avoid Tanda?

Clients looking to use Time & Attendance systems as a method of complex job/task tracking.

For example putting timeclocks on factory machines to track staff movements and apply job costing. This isn’t the best case use of Tanda.

We can track expenses based on activities, for example breaking down costs in a restaurant by waiter, kitchen and bar, and track these expenses to accounting software.

The difference between Tanda and a specific job costing software is that Tanda has an award engine, so as people clock on and off this has impacts for the calculation of their payroll.

When businesses want to use a timeclock to track activities that don’t have an impact on payroll e.g. what machine staff are working on, this isn’t something that Tanda is best suited for.

How do customers get started with Tanda?

Our pricing includes access to an onboarding consultant who works one on one with the client until the first payroll export. Channel partners also have access to this service if they don’t wish to provide an onboarding service.

What is the most important thing Tanda does for a customer?

Tanda ensures that staff are paid correctly.

The worst consequence of not paying staff correctly is a breakdown of trust between employer and employee.  This includes potential future employees who might research their future employer.

We’ve seen a lot of big companies caught out for compliance issues damage their brand image in new headlines recently, and it seems to be an increasing trend.

What is the main environmental factor you see affecting your customers at the moment?

The implementation of Single Touch Payroll will give government agencies a greater ability to data match and investigate non-compliance.

Much of the current non-compliance is not malicious but simply misinterpretation of rules or administrative errors such as incorrect calculation of penalty rates.

Tanda helps business owners maintain compliance against the Award and fulfill their legislative requirement to keep appropriate records on file.

How do customers succeed with your addon?

Tanda users are empowered with powerful decision making tools that eliminate non productive hours when rostering, ensure a cost optimised roster and reduce time theft.

How do you ensure customer data is secure?

We engage in external security auditing. Our software is routinely tested for exploits by an auditor and automated tools analyse both our codebase and external libraries for exploit. In addition to that, we engage in engineering security audits.

All systems are actively monitored in-house for any potential threats.

What are the signs that a business should be considering a time and attendance solution?

  1. The business pays staff by the hour

  2. Management and staff feel they are always understaffed or overstaffed

  3. Following up leave, unavailability and timesheets is a nightmare

  4. The business has no existing KPI’s around wage cost or roster costs

  5. Payroll is full of errors and takes too long

What tool/tools do you use internally that you couldn’t live without?

Intercom, Webhooks, Zapier, Hipchat,

[Thanks Phil! Also – congrats for being our first app that provides SAML, a fantastic time saver for larger businesses and firms]

Phil Johnson

Partner Manager at Tanda
Call: 1300 859 117